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The school agenda is a required student planner, provided free of charge and customized for Ridgely students. It includes:

Students will be required to have their agendas with them at all times. Replacement copies are $8.00 and available from the guidance secretary.

Gym Uniforms

Sixth-grade students and new seventh and eighth-grade students who have not previously ordered a gym uniform may purchase one from their physical education teacher during the first week of school. Returning seventh and eighth-grade students who need to replace uniforms may do so during their gym class the first week of school.

A combination lock must be purchased from the physical education department. Both the uniform and lock will be used for the entire three years of middle school. If returning students have misplaced or lost any part of their gym uniform, those items may be purchased individually.

Prices are as follows:

Shorts: $10.50
Shirts: $11.85 (Adult sizes), $11.10 (Youth Sizes)
Lock: tbd

Questions? please contact

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